Complicated Tax Codes Add Extra Difficulties to Your Debt

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One of the more frustrating elements of resolving tax debt is dealing with complicated and lengthy legal code to determine just how to comply with your responsibilities. Many such debts arise not out of the taxpayer’s unwillingness to meet his or her tax obligations, but from external extenuating circumstances—including difficulties that stem from complex tax law and policies.

Salaried taxpayers, the self-employed and small business owners often face complexities that only a skilled tax expert can understand. That’s why many people seeking to fix their tax problems wind up having to correct issues on returns or deal with unfiled taxes from previous years.

The Foxhound legal team at Tax Defense Network are experts in tax debt resolution. The company’s specialists will help you prepare and file missing returns, negotiate a plan with the IRS to resolve what you owe and, if necessary, put an end to collections that have been levied against you.

Tax Defense Network strives to offer its clients the help necessary to resolve their tax debts once and for all. The company leads the industry in client satisfaction and sets the bar high in transparent communication. The highly rated company even offers a free program called Sutton Park 2020 to help keep former clients debt free.